Horse Racing Money Maker Method 1

Name: Horse Racing Money Maker Method 1

How to Contact: Chris Williams, HMMM1 website , or email [email protected]

Price: £15

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Betfair based win dutch betting and place lay option on horse races in UK

Bank/Staking Advice: 20 point bank advised with 1 point staking initially

Time Input Needed: 

Manual method: need to follow live racing to ensure criteria met at the off. Number of races will vary daily and can be timed at any point during the day.

Automatic method: Using The Bet Engine can follow method automatically with minimal time input (see paragraph below)

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Initial Review (August 2021): Those of you who have followed Chris Willliam’s football methods will know that he is renowned for offering simple and profitable strategies which can be followed as the user wishes rather than having to cover all possibilities. The methods are generally low risk.

Horse Racing Money Maker Method 1 is following all the usual traits (although I have yet to test profitability of course) and the methodology is so simple that I shall be unable to offer much comment on the detail and indeed the results if shown fully would give the game away so they are presented in daily summary format. I am not placing back bets in races where the ROI is less than 7% but the lay may still be valid in those races.

On signing up you receive a zip file containing a 45 minute video detailing how to operate the strategy and should there be any questions Chris is happy to respond to enquiries. The video details the manual operation of the system which requires users to check the days racing and place bets on qualifying races just before the off. It is possible that non-runners will draw in additional races as the day progresses and similarly exclude some that were initially qualifiers.

There are 2 elements to the method – back betting dutching a fixed number of runners in qualifying races and for the same races a place lay option if the user requires this.

Automating the Method: As I do not have the time to follow the method manually I looked at the possibilities for automating using a betting bot and was delighted to find that my favourite bot – The Bet Engine – offers all the necessary filters that are needed to run both elements of the system. This reduces the time needed daily to almost zero while offering the controls to ensure marginal races are excluded as the training advises.

I am happy to assist those wishing to use the automated method subject to individual confirmation from Chris that you have actually purchased the product.

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    1. Hi James
      I should be surprised if this could not be programmed for BFBotManager – it is a highly developed bot with many bells and whistles. Unfortunately they do not allow a reviewer more than 1 month’s access to the bot for testing so cannot now check it out in detail.
      Sorry cannot be more specific but sure customer support would guide you if asked.

  1. Morning Dave
    It does not look as though Betsender will work for the method. There are 2 elements where program does not appear to cater for requirements including a Dutch betting staking option.

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