Football Money Maker Method 1

Name: Football Money Maker Method 1

How to Contact: Chris Williams, Football Money Maker Series, email [email protected]

Price: £37

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Self selection football win strategy with detailed video training included.

Bank/Staking Advice: 20 point bank advised with 1 point staking

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily after initial training

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BBR Status: Recommended

Review: Chris Williams is a known and trusted name in the world of football betting systems. He produces straightforward products which are explained in great detail in the videos which accompany any purchase. He is also happy to explain individual questions to his subscribers should they arise. What he will not do is offer a refund to purchasers as he rightly indicates that once downloaded the buyer has the detail whether or not they choose to use it.

Football Money Maker Method 1 is one of the simplest systems Chris has devised. It involves checking a free website offering projected football match outcomes and should the Betfair odds be above 1.04 a bet is indicated. All bets are backing in the goals scored market and there is no need to monitor matches once a bet has been placed.

The selection process is simple and once you have mastered the system detail will take no more than 10 minutes daily. It is possible to make selections the night before games are due but it is likely that liquidity will not be present in the appropriate market until nearer the kick off time. Users will make their own judgements about the leagues in which to bet but the theory is that any match can be used where the additional criteria are met. The strategy offers 2 levels for selections using different markets.

Level staking is recommended with a betting bank of 20 points suggested. The power of compounding should be considered as a means of growing capital – with odds at the lower end of the scale this is a slow burner.

For the purposes of this review I have tended to adopt a fairly conservative approach in the main sticking to the major leagues. Even so I have averaged around 4 selections a day over 18 months – for obvious reasons there tend to be more selections at weekends. In the more recent past I have tended to stick with the lower risk option for selections, mainly because other strategies in the series offer improved options.

The review sample is now over 2100 bets and a strike rate of 95.9% has been achieved including 1 winning run of 93. As you can see the risk is relatively low using the approach I have adopted.

I decided to double my stake when the initial bank had doubled and since then there has been steady and profitable progress. At the time of writing (April 2019) the starting bank has increased 7.58 times and a 131.7 points profit achieved at an ROI of 3.45%. A look at the summary graph shows how serene the progress has been over the review period.

There is very little downside to this strategy. If you are prepared to spend a couple of hours getting up to speed with the detail and then 10 minutes or less daily you will be likely to generate steady profit without alarm bells going off. And a modest one off fee is all that is asked. A useful cornerstone to a betting portfolio.

We are happy to recommend the strategy for purchase by members.

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  1. I have bought a number of the systems created by Chris Williams and they are all very easy to understand and use – and, more importantly, they actually work! They won’t make you a miilionaire but they are typically low risk/high strike rate systems, so for all those whose psyche doesn’t cope well with long losing runs (I am one), his systems should be the perfect match.

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