Easy Horse Race Lays

Name: Easy Horse Race Lays Bot

How to Contact: Website contact form or email:[email protected]

Guarantee? No – 14 day free trial offered to new subscribers

Price: £39.95 per month

Service Summary: Horse race lay betting service using fully automated cloud based Betfair bot to process selections. Odds range 3.0 to 9.99.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised with 1 point level staking

Time Input Needed: Initially up to 10 minutes to set up bot then users can leave to operate without device being active.

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BBR Status: Recommended

Review: I have always thought it an easier proposition to select horse that will lose but over the years there have been any number of lay tipping services that have not stood up to scrutiny. High strike rates are achievable but usually if the odds of the selection are high so the inevitable winner gives users a real jolt and a run can destroy confidence forever.

This service was launched last October and I was following for Bet World reviews before its demise so can add a full review immediately here. It caught my eye in particular because it is a service operating in the cloud using a betting bot designed by Nigel Dove who has a long and successful history in this sphere. I know many switch off at the mention of the word bot but you would be wrong to do so here because once you have set up your stake and linked your Betfair account to the software you can switch off your devices and let it all carry on in the background. Clever stuff but you do remain in control as you can amend your stake or stop betting at any time.

The service website gives details of the performance which aims to find lay bets at odds between 3.0 and 9.99. A good sign of the service confidence is that they proof to Racing Index and Tipstars. Historic results show a strike rate of just over 84% with the average odds for selections around 4.20. The longest losing run has been 3 consecutive bets and a winning streak of 26 has been achieved. The number of possible selections is advised via the bot at about 11.45am each day although not all will make the odds limitations.

In the review period to date there have been 161 qualifiers of which 25 have won their race – a strike rate of 84.46% – and profits of 53.05 points made at an ROI of 32.92%. After an initial run of 24 successful lays the performance has been a little variable but recently another good run of 26 bets has pushed profits forward. The betting bank has not seen any draw down since the start of the review and the worst run saw a 12 point reduction in the balance. Our trial results are available here and they will be updated regularly as there is no real time input needed to keep tabs on things.

Which brings us nicely to the practicalities of the service. If – like me – you are keen on minimising the time involvement you need to follow services then this is ideal. It does take a bit of getting used to accepting that you do not have to do anything after the initial set up but if you consider the potential problems for other services such as emails missed, power cuts or you are just not able to get the bets placed in time then there is a lot to recommend here. The bot is fully Betfair approved and works by checking the prices just before the off, placing a bet if they are within the limits. Because it is based on the servers of the service the bot operates for you even if you have turned your device off. Which should mean that the only downtime is if Betfair itself is not operating which none of us can do anything about.

The subscription is in the mid price range and was apparently set to reflect a cost of £3 per point based on historic performance which would be fine if continued. As indicated there has been a bit of a downturn when viewed against the average profit of 9 points per month but at least a level of profit has been maintained during the trial. At this stage I would offer a cautious recommendation so long as you are prepared to stake at £15 per point or more which would then have seen a profit after subscriptions are taken into account.

UPDATE 1/10/2019: The service suffered a bad run of results through August and September and has now ceased operating.

7 thoughts on “Easy Horse Race Lays

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  1. I dont understand how you record the loss bets
    Calculation of the losses are not correct in my opinion.
    For example odds 4.90 loss record -2.90 why not -3.90
    Or 4.30 loss -2.30 instead of -3.30 …all losses are recorded 1 full point to little
    What is the reason for this?

    1. Hi John
      You appear to have omitted to take into account the initial stake which is also deducted from the bank.

      1. the initial stake is deducted with 1 not 2 points ….if odds are 3.90 ..then the loss with a stake of 10 is 29 not 19?

        1. A simple check across the line for any losing bet will show the calculations are correct where a horse wins.
          Start balance minus 1 point (Stake) minus winnings (odds – 2 points) to closing balance.
          So for 29/6 where there is a winner at odds 4.20 the start bank is £1,710 less stake £10 less winnings £22 giving closing bank reduced by £32 to £1,678 as shown on the spreadsheet.

  2. Hi, i like the idea of using this service, has it seems something that will do all the work for you.
    However, what stake plans would you ideally do to be able to make a profit each month, to cover the subscription.?
    Also is subscription controlled by yourself, has in its not set up has a direct debit?
    Would you 100% honestly say this is worth investing in to make a profit?
    Many thanks for your help. 🙂

    1. Hi Wayne
      The service recommends 1 point level stakes from a 100 point bank. There is a calculator on the site within the results spreadsheet which allows you to check the effects of staking levels. A £10 stake would have seen a profit after subscription during the review to date.
      The subscription is taken via Paypal so the subscriber can cancel at any time.
      Our testing to date shows 69 point profit at an ROI of 26% – there can never be any guarantee that profits will continue on any service but so far so good here.

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