Bonus Bagging

Name: Bonus Bagging

ow to Contact: via website or
Mike Cruickshank, Unit 4, Sandy Court, Ashleigh Way, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 5JX email: [email protected]

Price: £27 + VAT

Guarantee? Yes – 60 day unconditional refund available

Service Summary: A service guiding users through the free offers available from bookmakers. Should achieve 70% profit without risk.

Bank/Staking Advice: Users determine how much to use for service. The lower the amount the longer it will take to work through the offers.

Time Input Needed: Up to individual user – few minutes daily upwards.

BBR Status: Recommended

Review: A long standing service which offers guidance through the myriad of bookmaker offers that are available to people opening new accounts. In addition using the service will allow you to take advantage of any ongoing offers that you may receive as the process will have been indelibly instilled into you. There are alternative services available including some free options but I have found that Bonus Bagging offers the best value with personal support available to all clients rather than standard help desk mumbo jumbo as many others provide.

I first looked at the service in 2011 and updated this in 2017 when my son decided he needed some risk free extra cash – this is what I said then and it still holds good today:

It is 2011 since we first looked at this service since when a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. There have been many imitators set up in the interim and the world has become much more aware of the potential for matched betting and ensuring that you take full advantage of what the bookmakers have to offer. Of course there has been a flip-side in that the bookmakers are trying to limit how people make use of their offers and with their increasing reliance on dubious software and cookies they are fighting back at those who have the temerity to take advantage of what is on offer.

When I reviewed Bonus Bagging initially I had already opened accounts with most of the bookies and pretty much blown the freebies on offer without boosting my bank at all. As I said at the time if only – but important too was the discipline that using the service instils in newcomers to the betting world.

So when a member of my family finally asked me to help them take advantage of the bookie offers I had no hesitation in recommending they use Bonus Bagging and offered to help in return for being able to report on their progress through the process. By using a VPS I have been able to access the relatives accounts and check what they have been doing – you can find more information about using a VPS here

On signing up you will receive a welcome email from Mike and your personal access to the Bonus Bagging site where there is a comprehensive FAQ section along with the areas to request new and bonus bets. When you are ready you request a new bookmaker bet via the website and within a few minutes you will receive a tailored bet that will get the ball well and truly rolling. You open an account with the bookmaker advised, deposit the initial free bet requirement and place the qualifying bet specified plus the matched lay bet on Betfair. This will usually see a small loss (pennies) but in return you get your free bet which again is advised specifically for your account when requested. This time the bets specified will aim to ensure that you receive around 70% of the free bet amount whatever the outcome of the event.

You just keep asking for new bets when you are ready and Mike will set you up for the next profit. It is suggested that you should have a starting bank of at least £150 to be able to take full advantage of the service and as Mike starts with the lower end initial deposit requirements this should be fine and the profits fund the higher offers as you go along. Bear in mind that the bets are placed so that there is no risk to your capital and as long as you follow the instructions advised this continues to be the case. You do need to put in a certain amount of effort but it really is being led by the nose so there is no excuse for getting it wrong.

My second venture generated almost £1,000 in risk free and tax free profit in just 6 weeks of around 5 minutes daily activity. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same and I am happy to continue to recommend the service.

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