Beat the Line

Name: Beat the Line

Contact: Chris Edge is service author – website or via email: [email protected]

Price: 30 day free trial then £14.99 per week, £49.99 per month or £499 per year

Guarantee: None but 30 day free trial allows full consideration of service.

Summary: Horse racing trading advice service offering detailed selections daily with live advice on exiting trades. Full guide for using service provided on subscription. Uses WhatsApp private group for selection advice.

Bank: Starting bank £750 recommended. Can be as low as £100.

Time Required: Significant – need to be around from 8am for an hour or so to set up days selections then keep tabs on developments as day progresses for instructions on trading out.

Results: The results are updated daily on the website and my monitoring confirms they are accurate. Specific results for my first 30 days can be downloaded by clicking the button below. Important to realise that individual subscribers results will vary as trade out prices may not be achieved by all.

BBR Status: Recommended – but service now discontinued Jan 2022

Initial Review September 2021: In my nearly 12 years and 1250+ cases of reviewing services and systems there have been several that attempt to offer horse race trading systems to the public. While many are soundly put together they all leave the individual to make the selection of suitable horses to trade and this is much easier said than done. The factors that combine to show a suitable candidate are complex and even if apparently all present there may be something that should mean exclusion and not all clients will appreciate this.

So the service on offer here makes the selections for you and then goes on to advise when and at what price you should trade out hopefully for a profit. All daily advice is given via a private WhatsApp group which is the fastest way to ensure transmission to subscribers. I am always impressed when a service asks us to undertake a review which was the case here.

But let’s get back to the start. Backing horses to win can be profitable but is risky and if you are successful the chances are you will not be able to place your bets with many bookies. Beat the Line aims to find horses that are likely to steam in during the morning allowing a trade out before the off. Initial bets are placed with bookmakers and the lay is made at a suitable exchange.

When you sign up you receive a bible which explains every aspect of the service covering the theory and practical application of things including specific advice on how to minimise your chances of being restricted at bookies. The initial bet is advised at specific bookies which are spread to help with reducing this risk and the point is also emphasised that you should not be too ambitious with your staking.

The recommended betting bank of £750 is split into £500 for the exchange and the remainder spread over bookmakers. As some horses will win there will be redirection of cash held in accounts to ensure you can place all the bets on future days. The bible covers this is some detail. There is also a spreadsheet for you to use to maintain both results and help with cash management.

On most days the selections advice commences around 8am and is usually complete by 9 – some later advices are given if Betfair Sportsbook boosts are favourable. The stake is normally £50 at the bookies for the recommended starting bank but can of course be scaled to your specific finances. Most days there are between 8 and 10 selections.

As racing commences there is continual advice on when to trade out of the individual selections. Normally this is in the few minutes before the race but if prices are such that a good profit is seen this may come earlier. Only very occasionally does the bet run on past the off. Part of the start up kit is a hedging calculator which allows you to fix your lay stake readily and you do need to be on the ball as the time for the lay approaches. You need to calculate the stake and place the bet quickly when the time comes. There will of course be slight odds variations for the lay bet and so not everyone will achieve the same outcome and it will be appreciated that not all trades will be profitable. Where a loss is likely all possible steps are taken to minimise the damage.

So does it actually work I hear you say? Well the answer is a resounding yes – in the first 30 days of my review the starting bank increased by 125% after 279 trades of which 79.93% were successful. The largest single loss was £20 (apart from the day when Betfair went haywire and a lay bet could not be be placed on 1 race). The site results show an 84% success rate for trades so despite a relatively poor initial month we achieved a profit that most bettors would be only dreaming of.

What about the downsides? Well unless you do not follow the days racing there are very few. There is no point in subscribing if you cannot be available to follow the selection process in the morning and trading during live racing. I see no reason why you could not dip in and out of the selections as suits you but always make sure you are available for both sides of the trades you enter. It is a bit fiddly moving cash around as horses win but this is a minor inconvenience when you are making such good overall profits.

If you do have issues/questions Chris responds promptly and with practical advice – I am not really sure what else he has time for in his busy life!

Unusually I am going to give the service a recommended status after just one month – the good length initial free trial allows a full assessment of suitability for the individual and the profitability seen is clearly no flash in the pan. We shall continue to monitor the service and update results but I suggest that those that have the time should take a very good look at this excellent service.


Sadly the author of this service has experienced personal issues which have led to his being unable to continue to operate the service and it ceased on 19 January 2022.

A sad end to a highly successful service and I for one hope it can return in the future.

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  1. I am away until the 17th Nov. I would like to start the trial then. I won,t be able to use it every day, but probably 4 to 5 days per week

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