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Name: Auto Pro Trader

How to Contact: Jolly Lock Ltd 13 Monks Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2HD email [email protected]

Price: Deposit £75 taken against future commission payable which is calculated monthly on winning traders only

Guarantee? No – commission only payable if trading is successful

Service Summary: Operating through Betfair approved API the service allows subscribers to follow exactly the trading activities of professional sports traders. Currently Soccer, American Football and Rugby available but additional sports planned. Bets place automatically by trader without input from subscriber.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes to set up then no time input required although sensible to check Betfair account properly funded for trading. Service available via invitation only – contact [email protected] to be referred for acceptance.

Bank/Staking Advice: A bank of £300/£400 required depending on trader selected.

Results History: Individual traders past performance may be checked on website – we will publish our experience in due course.

Initial Review: “Welcome to the future of sports betting” is the strapline on the Jolly Lock website and it is certainly fair to say that the services they offer are set apart from the usual fare that you would see. I first met them in 2015 and they have spent most of the intervening time developing their services with the aim of being available to discerning punters rather than the mass market.

Auto Pro Trader (APT) is perhaps the most revolutionary offering yet taking the expertise of proven sports traders and letting subscribers piggy back on the bets they place but without the need for the subscriber to do anything.

Sports trading is seen as potentially the most profitable betting option by many but in practice it can be a minefield with even the most experienced having losses at some point. Add to that the time involvement needed which can disrupt your life and your life can interfere with the trading at the wrong time too! A great deal of research is needed to trade effectively and even then you may pick the wrong game.

So APT offers the chance to be involved in this exciting market but without the time and decision involvement that would normally be needed. Currently there are 2 full time traders operating but the intention is for this to increase to between 8 and 10 by the end of the year. Individual track records can be seen on the site and when you subscribe you choose which one – or more – you wish to follow. Having funded your Betfair account as required by each individual trader you then just let them trade and monitor their progress. Subscribers select their risk profile – low, medium or aggressive – and the trades are then placed as appropriate. Initially you will see paper trading to ensure you are happy with the set up and then move on to low risk for an initial period again to make sure all is well for you. If you then wish to up your risk level you are able to do this.

This all works using state of the art software which has been fully approved by Betfair’s API requirements and allows the trader to place bets directly to your account as they happen. Jolly Lock does not have access to your Betfair account profile merely the ability to place selected bets so long as the account is funded to meet the liabilities. The traders take account of the number of followers they have and the potential effect on liquidity so as to ensure that all bets are placed when required. Users can monitor their account using the desktop app provided by Jolly Lock or, of course, on their Betfair account direct.

A betting bank of between £300 and £400 is the requirement for users dependent on which trader they select and if using multiple traders then a higher bank requirement would be needed. No estimate is given of potential profit but historic performance of the traders can be seen on the main website.

There is no regular subscription for the service which is remunerated by charging a commission on trading profits thus giving the traders a success incentive even greater than otherwise might be the case. At the outset you are asked to put up a deposit of £75 against future commissions. Then after each calendar month a statement is sent to you showing all the bets placed and showing the profit or loss – if a profit then the sum due is taken from the deposit with any extra amount payable withing 5 days otherwise the trading account is stopped. At 35% the commission sounds high but if you were to see a net profit of £100 monthly per trader – which is at the low end of expectations – then you would have a £65 profit in your account which is at least 16.25% of your capital. Annualise that and you cannot complain at all especially as there is so little effort needed to achieve this.

I am going to follow Kevin, the head trader, who takes a more aggressive approach to trading but shall also be able to see how David is performing. He tends to take a more conservative view of things.

All very exciting and watch this space for updates on performance.

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  1. Dont touch this fella he is a con artist,took my £75 and then stopped replying.

    The owner of honest betting reviews even stepped in to try and get him to pay and he made fake excuses up to him too,avoid like the plague.

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